First Company Management was established in 1995 by Wes Campbell to provide organization, logistical management and promotional services for domestic and international music tour productions and festivals, most prominently in the Contemporary Christian Music genre. Our corporate headquarters are located in Franklin, Tennessee.

Our business includes all aspects of tour and event management, including ticketing and promotions, talent purchasing and scheduling, event and artist merchandise management, audio/video/lighting/logistic technical design, procurement, implementation and management, concession management and overall site design, procurement, and management.

Our festival and event management clients include the Creation Festivals, both Northeast and Northwest; Sonshine Festival in Willmar, MN; Rock the Desert, TX; and multiple tours both domestic and international.

In addition to our concert and event management and production activities, FCM also manages the career of the multi-Grammy nominated and Dove Award winning CCM artist Newsboys. We were also the creator of Festival Con Dios, the world’s first traveling Christian music festival utilizing portable venues as well as the producer of both The Electric Barnyard Tour and Jessica Simpson’s Dreamchaser Tour within the same portable venues.

The backbone of FCM’s worldwide reputation is its technological innovation. Working with major record labels such as EMI Records and Virgin Records, FCM has designed unprecedented tour and promotion technology that has set new standards in the Christian and secular music fields. FCM’s signature productions have featured remote controlled dirigibles, robotic stage rigging, 3-D backdrops and laser/ I-MEG video shows, mobile platforms, rotating drum scaffolding, and the like.

In the last five years we have enjoyed extraordinary growth in an industry where record album sales are generally in decline. We have been able to sustain this growth through creative marketing ideas and business plans which utilize the synergies and economies of scale among all the various areas related to tour support internationally.